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60,00 kr

Support à la London – get VIP Ticket!

At à la London, we do your best to support all designers in difficult time and that’s why we set up #alalondonONLINEmarket – our way of giving all design talents a chance to get through this. Without designers – no à la London.

But also we at à la London sit in the same boat. That’s by we have and created the opportunity for you to buy a ticket for our next market today in order to give us a chance to survive the pandemic.

It’s not just any ticket though, it’s a VIP Ticket allowing you to skip the line – and we also plan to do something special you that support us a bit extra. We promise to get back to you on this when we have planned for the next market and tell you more!



To use your ticket at our next physical market, please show your order confirmation and ID.

Your ticket is personal, but you can bring your friends if you have bought more than one ticket.

We are so thankful for having you by our side so we can continue with our market on the other side!


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