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à la London Summer Design Market

June 1-2

Last application date is March 29th.

à la London gather the best new talents in art, design and fashion. We aim is to give you the chance to meet a larger audience and to put you in the spotlight.

Fill out the application form below and we’ll come back with an answer after we have reviewed all applications. You’ll have our answer latest April 8th. For terms and conditions, see below. And in case you have any questions drop us an email at We’ll send you a confirmation email when we have received your application. If you haven’t heard anything from us within 48h, please let us know! And don’t forget to select what type of stand your are applying for! 

If you have an or, please contact us before you send your application. With our application form setup, server settings on the Yahoo mail server blocks applications from being sent from yahoo-mail addresses!

à la London Design Market

June 1-2

à la London will be back at Auktionsverket Kulturarena, Tredje Långgatan 9. It will be a vibrant Design Market with about 80 designers and loads of new, independent design.

Opening hours are Saturday 10 am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm. Entrance fee 60 SEK, free for kids.

You will rent a table from us and we have a few different options, select the one that suits you the best. IMPORTANT! You will participate during the whole market and you will sell products that you have designed.

We will feature you in all our channels to promote you and the market, and we expect you to do the same. Together we are strong!

Last day to apply is March 29th.

Standard stand:

There are different options in case you’d like a standard spot. The price is for one weekend.

• A standard table is 150×70 cm but gives you no possibility to set up a clothes rack or easle, also no back wall to hang your work.

• A fashion designer stand has a 120×70 cm table and gives you the possibility to set up your own cloth rack.

Standard stall and fashion table fee is 1800 SEK + 25 % tax. This includes a chair and a table.

 Artist´s stand:

• For artist/graphic designer/photographer’s who wish to hang their pieces. An artist’s stand has a 150×70 cm table and includes the possibility to have some work on the wall behind you from hooks on adjustable lines.

• Table with cardboard wall to hang from. Suits you who don’t have art but want a wall to hang lighter items to profile you as a designer. Located in the big hall.

Stall fee for artist’s stand is 2000 SEK + 25% tax, table and a chair included in the price.


Store stand:

Design your own exhibition space! A store stand lets you create your own store – build it from scratch or borrow tables from us. The store space is 300 x 150 cm and gives you a better chance to exhibit your work.

Store stands always have a back wall but not all stands have the possibility to use the wall for hanging, some have windows. We reserve the spots with hanging possibility for artist’s/graphic designers/photographers.

Store stand price is 3800 SEK + 25 % tax, how many tables and chairs you wish is included in the price.

Shared stand:

You and your friend can share any of the stands. You will pay half of the cost + an extra 100 sek/person. Both of you have to send in your own application.

If you use a mobile phone , please scroll sideways! 

    Stand choice: *

    Please select what type of stand you'd like to rent

    Standard Table 150 x 70 cmFashion designer table 120x70 cm + space for closing rackArtist/graphic designer table 150 x 70m + wall to hang fromCardboard wall table 150x70 cmStore space 300 cm x 150 cm

    I wish to share table with:

    Contact information:

    You brand/project *

    Email *

    Phone number *

    Home page

    Facebook page


    Invoice Information:

    Your name *

    Business name (no registered company? Put brand name/project) *

    VAT number, personal number or date of birth / (Swedish tax office rules) *

    Address *

    Post/ZIP code *

    City (also country if outside of Sweden) *

    Tell us your story and describe your project:

    About you. If you have joined us before, please tell us what is new since the last time. *

    Project presentation (about 500-600 letters) which we can use to present you. Please your third person perspective, "John designs unique jewellry which..." *


    In order to judge your application, we need 6-7 pictures. You need to have the intellectual rights to the pictures yourself or have permission to use them for third party purposes. Bu submitting the picture, you approve us using them in our marketing. We accept files in .jpg, .png och .gif formats. The files can't be any larger than 1,5 Mb per file.

    Conditions: *

    - When you have been offered a spot, you will have three days to decline in the offer. In case you cancel after this date you will be required to pay the full store fee.

    - You only sell things that you have designed.

    - All designers commit to be present during the full opening hours of the Market. You need to represent yourself as a designer in your stand, only in case of sudden illness/sickness, you are allowed to have someone else to represent you during the weekend.

    - As a store holder, you are responsible for your own safety and for the gods you store on the premises.

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