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    à la London Göteborg

    Standard table 150 x 70 cmShared table 150 x 70 cmFashion designer table 120 x 70 cm + space for your own clothes rackArtist/graphic designer table 150 x 70 cm + back wall to hang fromStore place 300 x 150 cm

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    Terms & Conditions

    - The invoice will be e-mailed to you after you have been accepted, in case you need international payment details, let us know.
    - When you have been offered a table, you will have seven days to accept or decline your table. After this, the table fee is non-refundable and unless we find a replacement for you, you will have to pay the full fee.
    - All stall holder are obliged to stay for the full duration of the market and you must represent yourself as a designer at the market.
    - Failure to pay the the invoice in time may result in you loosing your allocated spot at the market.

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